Welcome to Ark Survival UK
Join our private Ark server today, register above to start surviving primitive modded style!
Only the best Ark mods
Updated regularly and carefully selected. Primitive weapons, baby dinos, and LOTS more!
X4 Harvest
We've taken some of the grind out of Ark so you can unleash the mods
x4 XP
There's so much stuff to unlock we thought it best to get the ball rolling quickly
x7 Taming
Like you we too have lives to lead outside of Ark!
Flyer carry enabled
Yes you CAN pick up wild dinos with your tamed birds on this server!
Griefers beware!
Anyone found griefing will be banned and added to the Ark servers blacklist, everyone must register to play on our server.
Register now and start surviving today!
To access our Ark Survival Evolved UK server you can simply register with steam or use a classic log in right here and you'll get access to the server password along with a friendly welcome!.
Our Ark Server Multiplier Config
XP Multiplier x3
Harvest Multiplier x4
Taming Multiplier x7
Egg Hatch Multiplier x6
Baby Maturation Multiplier x3
Spoiling Multiplier x2
Body Decomposition Multiplier x4
Night time speed scale x2