How do I register to play on the Ark Survival UK Server? And why do I need to?

Registration is simple, you can either register with Steam or register using your email address. We require everyone who plays on our Ark to register, this not only deters griefers from joining our server (who wants to give out their email to people they are about to annoy?) but also means we are able to create members only information on the server and communicate any server changes etc a lot easier. Your details will never be shared, or even used. All communication will be via the website so you will not receive any emails from us, it is simply a formality.

What about mods breaking the game? This can happen right?

We’ve done a lot of testing, there’s been so many game updates lately it’s given us a good idea of how things work. All the mods I use are either stable and well tested, or regularly updated more recent additions. The ability to stack mods was introduced in version 190.0 (Stackable Mod support! This allows multiple mods to be used together and combine their changes).

I can’t log in to the server, what should I do?

Chances are the server probably needs an update and nobody has noticed yet, or an update is planned very soon (if Admin are logged on to the server or offline we have no idea updates are released until we get the same error message as you have probably experienced). Please be patient on these rare occasions, as like you we want our server to run 24/7 and be able to play. For direct contact please add myself (Noobie) as Arksurvivaluk on Steam. As the server builds we will have more admin with direct access for updates and restarts as needed but for now I’m still doing the odd tweak to the config so I find it easier to know exactly where the server is at in terms of install, back-ups and saves. Bottom line, the server will be back on today please be patient and don’t panic it’s 99.9% chance it’s just an update needed on the server.. that or the Ark devs have released another dodgy patch!

Anything we should know about using the mods?

Our advice in using would be.. make your foundations from the basic Ark mods, then go nuts with the rest. that way your base will always be standing even if (as a server) we decide to remove any of the mods at a later date.

Have you tried removing mods after assets have been placed in?

Yes we did that, basically tried all the things we shouldn’t just to see what happens. Any assets/items from the specific mod vanish leaving everything else behind. We actually did this a few times with different mod configurations learning along the way, resetting the server and going again. Any mod we found to be unstable or at all iffy (technical term) was removed and put on our never-to-be-used mod ban list.

Is the server stable?

The configuration as it stands has been well tested, updated numerous times, tweaked and learnt from.. and we believe it is now 100% stable (relative to Ark’s general instability! 🙂 )

So why have you set up this server?

It’s a bit of an Ark playground really having spent a lot of time on official x1 servers. We wanted stability yet expansion on the original Ark game.

When was the server last wiped?

It had a totally fresh and up-to-date install on the 3rd August 2016.

When will you next be wiping the server?

The server is now on it’s final install and I won’t be wiping it or changing it unless everyone on the server decides as a group it’s a positive move.

The server isn’t on my server list? It’s down? I can’t access!

So first up, don’t panic there’s probably a good reason! As a modded server we ensure we keep the mods up to date as well as Ark itself, when we run these updates (usually max 15 minutes) they are put in place to make sure the server stays free from bugs. If Ark has been updated recently it could be as simple as us running the latest Ark update on the server. When we update/upgrade the server we have to stop the server first to install the updates safely but will ensure we have saved our Ark world and let everyone know via global chat that this is happening in advance.