UK Ark Primitive Modded Server – PVE

Server location: London, UK – If you’re outside the EU you may get a slower connection with high ping
Server type: PVE only, although tribe wars are enabled if both tribes agree
Server config: Totally custom config with increased rates and re-balancing (after LOTS of testing and discussion)

The Ark Survival UK server address HAS BEEN UPDATED 08/05/2016 to:

Go to Steam > Servers > Add Server > Enter the details above > Add to favourites

Who should play on this server?

  • Friendly people for a start! As a PVE server we are a friendly bunch and like everyone to at least say hello when they log on 🙂
  • People that get Ark as a work in progress; as a games that’s still in development it’s a bit glitchy at times, lags sometimes, and is by no means perfect. If that sort of thing bothers you then Ark multiplayer probably isn’t for you (yet). You will experience lag and rubber-banding as with the majority of online games, the server will stutter as it saves, and as people log on and off. Now and then a bad patch is released that may slow down the server, unfortunately there is nothing the server admin can do about this.
  • People who want to survive! Ark is also a survival game and things can be tough especially when you first start out, you and your dinos will probably die a fair bit. Do not expect other people to help you with everything, you must learn to survive the Ark 🙂
  • People with a good PC and internet connection, again with Ark being in development still it is far from optimised and needs all the help it can get. A good CPU, GPU and high speed internet are a must
  • People located close to London and within the Europe, the further from London and our server you are the slower and more unstable your connection will be

About the ASUK Primitive Server

Our UK Ark server is friendly, secure, heavily modded and gives a good feel of the future of Ark. We have a strict registration only membership for our UK Ark server to deter griefers along with an active team of admin that ensure our map stays free of clutter and our server stays up to date. We also have a set of rules for our server in place, please read these before joining the server.

To play on our server you’ll need to download the Ark mods (this will happen automatically through Ark when you click to join our server). All the mods are free, and have been tested thoroughly by ourselves and of course the developers to try and iron out any compatibility issues (with updates of Ark things change and mods need to adapt). The time it takes to download the mods will very much depend on your internet connection speed, average time seems to vary between a few minutes and half an hour.

Our testing included: Playing a LOT of Ark mods on a lot of servers, numerous installs and balancing tests, and we also had a good go at breaking the mods and Ark by doing things we shouldn’t (in terms of building and spawning in lots of items). We also tried various combinations of mods and did a good bit of reading on the mods backgrounds, development plans and stability. So we can safely say this is one of the most stable heavily modded servers around.

As a disclaimer we will have to say that with both Ark and the mods used still being in development there is a chance that the server may crash and need to be rolled back or wiped at any time. If we can give notice of this we will, but sometimes “Ark” just happens and we can only apologize and help you get started on a fresh map (along with ourselves) when and if that time comes (it’s not happened yet!).

Our server is run by unpaid admins, we built this Ark to try and give the Ark community a server that we truly feel is balanced, fun, and kept clean and free of lag. We rely on your support both from voting for the server and donating to keep the UK Ark Server online.

Ark Mods currently installed on the Ark Survival UK server:

 Natural Babies
RAWR Beacons
Dino Aphrodisiac (Egg Buff)
Indominus Rex
Pimp My Dino
Improved Spyglass v1.13
Pillars Plus
Morecrafting Primitive
Better Hardcore Plus
Raft Extender
Wooden Pillar Wall
Platforms Plus
Primitive Survival Equipment+
Medieval Structures
Armored Storage Stands (V .2)
Admin Command Menu (ACM) V2.4.3